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YUBM [' yueb-oum ]  pr.n.: Young Urban Black Male : distinguished tribe : distinctive vibe : uniquely positioned for a strategic role in redemptive history.
The Gospel / The Street 2.0
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The righteous are as bold as a lion.  Proverbs 28:1

Philippians 3:10



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A hundred years from now it will not matter what your bank account was,
the sort of house you lived in or the kind of car you drove;
but the world may be a different place because you were important
in the life of a 'kid'.
G.W. Burton

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 Seminar Overview 

The GOSPEL / The STREET 2.0 is an interactive, multimedia seminar geared towards helping the saints better understand and reach out to those whose lives are impacted by street (hip-hop) culture. Employing experienced youth communicators, the seminar is intended for pastors, youth pastors, youth workers and Christian educators, but also for young people (both street- oriented and church-affiliated). It's "church" like you've never experienced before. If you're concerned about communicating the Person of Christ to today's hip-hop flava'd youth and young adults, this seminar is for you.

U Up Wi'dis

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 Give Him the Ball!

 In This Seminar You Will 

 Give Him the Ball!

 List of Seminar Topics 

Please note: This seminar is conceived and presented from a generally Afrocentric perspective - i.e., it's deliberate emphasis and bias is for reaching Black youth and young adults influenced to some degree by hip-hop / street culture. Also, as we deal with some deep issues, this is not a presentation geared towards children (much as we love ministering to them).

Grn_ball Don't Believe the Hype: Accurately Assessing, Accessing and Addressing Street Issues
Preparing to Understand, Invade, Survive and Enjoy Ministry in Hip-Hop / Street Culture
Grn_ball Don't Drop da Ball, Chu'ch 'Cause We Got Next!
Grn_ball Jesus and Urban Youth: How They Got It Goin' On
Quick Takes on the Emerging Generation
Grn_ball Profile of a Street-Oriented Individual
Grn_ball Ain't No New Thang: The Genesis of Hip-Hop / Street Culture
Crucial Questions a World View Seeks to Answer
Grn_ball Defining Hip-Hop's World View
Grn_ball Identifying and Countering Highly-Esteemed Street Values
Grn_ball Defining a Street-Based Apologetic
Grn_ball Identifying Key Playas In Need of Keyed Prayas: Nationally and Locally
Street Perceptions of the Church & Itself: Insights for Outreach in Self-Representation
Building Quality Street Relationships
Grn_ball Understanding Information Transportation: Cuttin' Thru Takes More than Just Talkin'
Seeing Scripture through a Street-Wise Set of Glasses
Grn_ball Retaining Reverence and Relevance: The Contextualization Process
Seeing the Street thru the Corrective Lens of Scripture: Challenging Value Systems
God's Witness to Himself in Hip-Hop / Street Culture
Grn_ball "Na'm'Zay'n?" Rap Music: Reality, Resistance, Representations and Redemption

Cultural Trend Setters: The Flow of Hip-Hop's Cultural and Commercial Influence
Jesus' Strategy 'n Style in Street Ministry
Grn_ball The Need for Being Culturally Discipled
Grn_ball Types the Lord Delights 2 Deal Wid: U In On It?
What Young People R Lookin' So Hard 4
Grn_ball Between the Rock and a Hard Place: Church Youth, Street Codes and Safe Passage
Discovering What Motivates Young People
Grn_ball Discerning the Spiritual Needs of People
Grn_ball Developing Disciples in Street Contexts
Grn_ball Helping Youth Find Their Spiritual Gifts: A Pattern 4 Discovering the Divine Design
Ideas and Insights for Creatively Engaging Young People in Ministry
Grn_ball Specific Skills & Strategies for Ministering In and to Specific Street Sub-Cultures:

plus other relevant and challenging faith-forward issues

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 Seminar Format 

Overheads, illustrative slides, interactive Bible contextualization, story-telling, role-playing, workbook (worksheets, insights / information, helpful resources, etc.)

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 About the Seminar Leader 

I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship in the sharing of His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death. Philippians 3:10 (NIV)

Hep brings over 25 years of street level experience and urban ministry leadership training to this seminar.  He's not an expert on this stuff -- just a learner.  As an urban missiologist and practitioner, he's been involved in youth & young adults ministries in cities throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  A musicianary and speaker,  Hep maintains a year-round youth and young adults retreat and conference itinerary plus a busy summer camp schedule.  He also works with several vocal groups based in Philadelphia.  His main ministry tasks are training and discipling urban ministry leadership and evangelizing street-oriented young people and young adults (a people group surprisingly receptive to the things of the Lord).  A graduate of Rowan University (formerly Glassboro State College), Northeastern Bible College and Westminster Theological Seminary, he teaches in the Urban Studies Department at Eastern University, the Center for Urban Theological Studies in Philadelphia, and Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, PA.  He was also privileged to serve on the boards of The Cross Movement (an alliance of Christian hip-hop recording artists based in Philadelphia) and 2 North Philadelphia community-based youth ministries: Brotherly Love Urban Youth Services and Bringing Everybody Together (BET).

Hep began his foray into the Christian hip-hop industry with a rap he and Paul Jackson wrote for Timothy Academy (which was aired over WZZD in Philadelphia, PA).  Shortly after that he wrote a series of articles on rap and street culture for The Urban Journal (published by Westminster Theological Seminary).  This was followed years later by opportunities to do photography for the Cross Movement (an album cover: "House of Representatives"), co-producing a song with The Ambassador ("It Was Love" on "Christology"), appearing in the group's "Know Me" video (from "Human Emergency"), and doing some recording work for a couple of other Christian artists.  

Here's a page with some photos of Hep.

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 Give Him the Ball!

 General Seminar Information 

LENGTH: Completely flexible. From a single 45-minute presentation to a 2 hour session (with specific need-based modules) to an all-day event to a strategy-based series.

CONTENT: May be tailored to a specific age-group or target audience (church or street-oriented youth / adults / mixed). Again, the issues this material deals with are not intended nor designed for presentation to children.

FEE: Although there's no set fee for the seminar, there are obvious costs involved. Our view is that this a ministry, not a venture to peddle God's Word for profit (1 Thessalonians 2:1-20). We are dependent on the Lord's supply through His people in this matter. We'll trust Him, with you, to help cover our expenses. (Galatians 6:6)

U Up Wi'dis

 Give Him the Ball!

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