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YUBM [' yueb-oum ]  pr.n.: Young Urban Black Male : distinguished tribe : distinctive vibe : uniquely positioned for a strategic role in redemptive history.
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October 2011

The righteous are as bold as a lion.  Proverbs 28:1

Philippians 3:10



Invite to the New Crib

He and we (by His grace) really wanna see you there.  Son.  Sis.   

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Calendar of Events

When, where 'n with who we plan to roll
Profile Street-Oriented
Can you name this individual?  Know anyone like him?
  Testimonials A number of people have blessed 'n encouraged us in YUBM Ministries with these kind comments
  T.G.T.S. Seminar Brochure Downloadable PDF version of the brochure for The Gospel / The Street Seminar (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
  Unfinished Business Even though you may think you got yours, it ain't over

Prayas Only

The 50 Cent Script
Jawhn ain't big enough, 50

Marquise's Last Night
Surveillance photos of the fatal police shooting of 25-year-old Marquise Hudspeth in Shreveport, LA on March 15, 2003
The Prayers of DMX The texts of a number of DMX's recorded prayers.  Availing much?
Wuzzup, Hep! Fall-Winter 2011-2012
Re-Present His Word
Artist or Heart-ist?
Do we really need more Christian rappers?
Beware, Dawg
You may find yourself up inside this surprising piece (Psalm 49 from The Message) - unexpected 'n extreme street relevance gnashin' up ya grill


Everything's On Move A rhyme about pursuing transitory things


Get This.  Get God. 8 words especially close to God's Heart.


God's Answer Track The Lord's got somethin' to say to those who put Him in their tracks.
Profile Street-Oriented
Can you name this individual?  Know anyone like him?
What Would Jay-Z Do? Imagine Jay-Z rollin' up on Jesus like the dude in Mark 10:17
What's Good. Don't be mad.  Go to the Source, son.  Sis.
Multimedia Adam's Triumph Adam Taliaferro carried the Olympic torch through Philadelphia.  That might not seem like much until you hear his story 
Fire Works
Consider the fleeting glory of man as you set 'em off
YouTube Videos
Maine Coast and Hummer
Nature Collection
JaMaine, the Maine Coon Cat
Photos 72
People to Partner in Prayer For
Photos 73
Nature Photography: Spring & Summer 2007
Photos 74
Photos from C.M.S.B.C.'s Youth Retreat at Sandy Cove Ministries in August 2007
Photos 75
Philadelphia Signage, Mural Art, Installations, Graffiti and a Memorial
Photos 76
WTS Urban D. Min. class in New York City
Photos 77
O, YES! Conference (Our Youth Enlightened about Sex) at Ben Franklin High School, Philadelphia, PA - August 16, 2008
Photos 78
Nature photography - summer of 2008
Anatomy of a Memorial
19-year-old Terrence Walker's memorial under the El in West Philadelphia - photos taken April 12, 2007
JaMaine is one cool Maine Coon cat
Maine Vacation Photos (2009)
Beautiful Little Deer Isle and Deer Isle and Mount Desert Island.  Photos of iconic Ralph W. Stanley's Wooden Boats shop in Southwest Harbor and of Hep's hand-built Passagemaker Dinghy, Hummer (under sail!).
Hep's Hummer (2009) Photos
Took Hummer (2007) again up to Deer Isle and Mount Desert Island, Maine for a sea-faring summer vacation -- again with the sail kit
Hep's Hummer (2007) Photos
Took "Hummer" (2007) again up to Mount Desert Island, Maine for a sea-faring summer vacation -- this time with the sail kit
Hummer Building I Photos
Did 10 months of boat-building during 2005-06 
Hummer Building II Photos
Working on the sail kit for the boat during 2006-07
Lobstering Photos
Photos taken through the years of a fascinating creature and industry
Newsletters Here's the latest: Fall-Winter 2011-2012 - Spring-Summer 2011    
Resources 1 Timothy 4:12 Popular youth conference song / rap (requires Acrobat Reader)
The 50 Cent Script
It Jus' Ain't Big Enough, 50


AMAGOH The chant based on Acts 13:22 - plus, now you can hear how it goes
  Barbershop Convo Nice response to those who say God doesn't exist
  Chess U got game?  Ar-ight, then — chess do it with this thorough Java Script-based game.  Impressive !
  Cry No More Lyrics from the Cross Movement's new song (featuring the Ambassador).
Fishers of Money
Ain't no secret: We've taken our stand against this wildly popular teaching.  Here's why we're against "total life prosperity" teaching (a work-in-progress).
God Gave Me Style
"... sometimes I feel like I'm the one ..." - 50 Cent
Hepkat Station
Creative options solutions - all that's needed is a dialogue
I Tried
Song by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony featuring Akon - powerful modern day young Black man's lamentation and missiological call
  Kanye. Con You? Worshiping the creature is SO much easier than worshiping one's Creator.
  The Kingdom in the Street Ken Medema's dramatic, prophetic sermon / song.
  Let Me Get Home Before Dark A thought-provoking prayer about finishing well by Robertson McQuilkin


Murda Ma$e: "300 Shots"
A purported pastor-celebrity speaks
Operation White Fields
Insightful and visionary message by by Pastor Nailah Gilliam of Wilmington, DE
Nas: God Love Us
Note the Ecclesiastes-like flow Nas got goin' on inside-a this thing
Prosperity, Mr. By-Ends?
Peep this excerpt from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress that exposes the dangers behind prosperity teaching.
  Re: G. Craige Lewis A response to EX Ministries' anti-Christian-hip-hop campaign
  The Room Imaginative piece about our giving account of ourselves at the judgment


Spoken Word Spot A collection of some short projects 
  Teachers Are you a teacher?  Peep this stunner of a story. 
  T.G.T.S. Seminar Brochure Downloadable PDF version of the brochure for The Gospel / The Street Seminar (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
  "To Do" List Get beneath the surface of a superficial "Christianity-ism"
What U Sayin' Youth 'n young adults know how to keep it real.  Praise the Lord! 

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